Out of The Woods

A Sidemart Theatrical Grocery production
in association with The Kick & Push Festival

Friday, July 26th - Saturday, July 27th
Cedar Island

Photo courtesy of _______________

Photo courtesy of _______________


Out of the Woods is a comedic songplay about lost love, nostalgia and regret.

A young couple escape into the wilderness determined to figure out once and for all whether they should stay together or call it quits. What happens when the love is gone, but the music’s still there?

At the advice of their therapist, an urban couple escapes into the wilderness in order to figure out whether they should rescue their relationship or dissolve it. In spite of their best intentions, they soon realize that the distractions of city life are nothing compared to the detritus of issues in their relationship.

Originally created by Andrew Shaver, Amy Rutherford, and Justin Rutledge.

Starring Andrew Shaver, Amy Rutherford, Matthew Barber, Julian Brown & Dean Stone.